Le nostre location


The ancient granary of Romanazzi Carducci family is the perfect place for great events, Its interior is composed of a high ceiling with wood girders on a truss, an ancient local stone (called “chianca”) covering the floor and a dais. The outside is a symbolic area of the park for welcoming, break or catering activities. The area, which is called “Rotonda”, covers 2000 sq. m of the whole garden.This is the ideal place for great events, conferences, congresses and conventions hosting 150/400 guests.

  • From 150 to 300 guests


This old area is dedicated to the most prestigious events hosting a total of 100 people served. The place was once the perfect reside for horses. Its interior has a high ceiling supported by thin girders made of wood, an ancient local stone covering the floor, a fireplace and other vintage furniture. Our beautiful “Piazetta”, just next to Sala Scuderia, is a 450m area, which preserves the ancient floor “chiance, an original dovecote and an old water trough for horses. This is the perfect place for conferences, congresses and conventions grouping 60/170 guests

  • From 60 to 180 guests

La Villa

It is the main meeting area including three rooms on the ground floor: Sala Federico II, Sala Liberty and Sala Nobel. Federico II” was an animated living room where the marquis Giuseppe Maria Romanazzi Carducci and his family used to welcome their prestigious hosts. Today the area is conceived for some restricted events grouping 70 people. The room, with two entrances from the exterior garden, is located at the ground floor of Villa Rachele. The interior is composed of a high ceiling with barrel vaults, an old fireplace, some vintage furniture exhibited on the showcases and two screens on the opposite sides of the room. The floor is made of cement and perfectly decorated. Nobel used to be the old marquis’ office. The room is located at the ground floor of Villa Rachele and is now conceived for small meetings grouping a maximum of 30 guests. Its interior is composed of a linear ceiling, a beautiful showcase with some vintage furniture and a decorated floor made of cement. The external area can be appreciated from the two windows placed on the two sides of the room. The old living room of Romanazzi Carducci family still maintains some ancient piece of furnitures; the old “boiserie” covering the wall and an original painting belonging to Armenise, whose fresco on the dome of Petruzzelli Theatre is widely appreciated, are coming from the year 800. The decorated floor of this room was completely restored in 1902. The guests of “Liberty” can appreciate a stunning interior and exterior view while enjoying an unforgettable meal. The whole villa was refurbished in 2015. Villa can host 25-70 guests.

  • From 50 to 90 guests


The area, located on the basement, used to be the cellar of Villa Rachele. “Taverna” offers now a pleasant atmosphere for a good break, lunch or dinner. The double barrel vaults, the beautiful ceilings and the light effects coming from the ancient floor “chianche” are guarantying the hosts a deeply pleasant stay. The room is separated into different areas. One of them is offering bar services.

  • From 20 to 100 guests

La Rotonda

It is a 200 sq. m room situated next to Sala Europa; this impressive area hosts large-scale events.

La Piazzetta

Our beautiful “Piazetta” is a 450 sq. m area close to the external space of Sala Scuderia; it is characterized by its original “chianche” stone floor, its pigeon loft and its horse troughs.

Our Park

This area is located in “front of Sala Federico II” and the main entrance of “Villa”. You will be astonished by our stunning parkland, especially at sunset, thanks to its various flowerbeds, the external lighting system and the little Saint Nicholas Church.

La Torretta

Torretta” is a semicircular open area which gives the guest a great view of the Villa. Close to the Restaurant terrace, it is characterized by some statues, an old stone railing and a little sighting tower.